A Java SDK for Orbotix's Sphero using BlueCove.

My GitHub page features a Java SDK for Orbotix’s Sphero, a robotic ball. This package uses BlueCove for connecting to the Sphero from a computer via Bluetooth. For example, this code snippet rotates the Sphero’s RGB LED through a four color sequence (CMYK):

Sphero s = new Sphero("00066644239C", "Sphero-OYW", Sphero.SPP_DEFAULT_CHANNEL);

String[] colorSequence = { "00B7EB", "FF0090", "FFEF00", "000000" };

for(String color : colorSequence) {
	s.setRgbLedColor(color, true);


You can find the source code and a (for now, short) list of supported features in this Git repository.

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